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Do friendly collectors exist? Wait 'til you meet our team.

Have you thought about using a consumer or commercial collection agency, but you’re not sure if it’s worth your while? Or, have you tried a big agency before, only to find confusing fees, poor service, and disappointing results?

Coastal Settlement Recovery is changing minds about collection agencies, one consumer at a time. We like to do things a bit differently. 

  • A long-term staff of trained, collection professionals

  • A skip-tracing department with top of the line technology

  • Fees you can understand; no minimums or hidden costs

Professional & Ethics

Coastal Settlement Recovery takes pride in its Culture of Excellence. As such, our clients have come to expect outstanding performance and exceptional service. We have earned our exemplary industry reputation by recruiting the industry's top talent and providing them with the optimal work environment, competitive compensation, incentives and on going motivation. Coastal Settlement Recovery expects our collection professionals work every day to maintain and or strengthen the relationship between their client and the company while working to resolve the collection issue that exists between the two parties.

Compliance & Corporate Governance:

  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

  • Privacy Act

  • Fair Credit Reporting

Coastal Settlement Recovery prides itself on and is committed to providing ethical and professional collection service to its clients. Coastal Settlement Recovery insists that its highly knowledgeable and experienced collection staff treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. Coastal Settlement Recovery understand the difficulties and stress that can be associated with financial difficulties and sees to work toward solutions to these financial problems.


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